Why Us?


When you purchase an item from us, you will see and feel the difference.

> COMFORT: Our items are comfortable - they just feel good to wear. It's a must for us and at the forefront of our designs. No hats riding up, itchy wool, or pieces that lose their shape with a wear. We make warm, comfortable and stylish items that last and that's why people keep coming back to us.

> QUALITY: We are truly 100% handmade in Canada. Not hand-crafted, or outsourced handmade, or finished by hand after being machine knit. From start to finish, our items are cut, sewn, punched, knitted and crocheted by hand. That means quality checks at each point in the process to ensure you are getting the best possible piece we can create.

> WEAR: Our items wear well. They are designed with that in mind. It's so much more than just knitting up a piece. There's material choice, stitch choice, the purpose of the item and how it will be washed and worn. We have literally spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours experimenting with materials and fabrics to make sure you are getting the best we can offer so that your item will feel great and stand the test of time.

> EXPERIENCE: We bring over a decade of fibre arts knowledge, history and crafting to Rough Bark Knits. This is our full-time gig - creating the best pieces we can for you with everything we know. We love doing it so very much and are always so grateful for your support!



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